Error Codes

The OVM reports specific errors when you write invalid code. All languages support a library of errors and they are helpful to get familiar with as you write more advanced code.

  1. Division by zero.
  2. Jumped to unbound procedure id.
  3. Invalid opcode.
  4. Memory access out of bounds.
  5. Memory map access out of bounds.
  6. Access unbound memory mapped location.
  7. Called OP_BAD.
  8. Stack overflow.
  9. Stack underflow.
  10. Read from write only location.
  11. Write to read only location.
  12. Try to execute code out of bounds.
  13. Code stream buffer overflow.
  14. Code library overflow.
  15. Call stack overflow.
  16. Call stack underflow.
  17. OP_PROC_END with no OP_PROC.
  18. Code stream over-release: OP_RELEASE called more times than OP_RETAIN.
  19. Atomicity over-release: OP_ATOMIC_END called more timas then OP_ATOMIC.
  20. Platform failure: robot-specific functionality failure.
  21. OVM Implementation Error.
  22. Compressed procedure has to many incompressible literals.
  23. Called a procedure by an id that was never bound.
  24. Tried to load library code while executing library code.
  25. Nested yield error: you cannot yield from a yielding context.
  26. End of compressed procedure missing PROCEND opcode.